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Kimberly Ross - Past Chair

Kim is the Nurse Manager for NICU (Level II(b) Special Care Nursery) and Women's & Infants' Ambulatory Care at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. Kim's clinical background includes postpartum mother-baby care and neonatal intensive care. Kim is actively involved in many initiatives at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton related to maternal and newborn health. These include working with teams to provide leadership for the Baby-Friendly Initiative and preparation for re-designation in 2015, as well as active involvement with St. Joseph's Health System's International Outreach Program.

Kim has participated in two outreach trips to Uganda with multidisciplinary teams, providing Nursing leadership and education. Kim is currently Chair of the RNAO's Maternal Child Nurses' Interest Group and Co-Chair of Baby-Friendly Initiative Ontario (formerly Ontario Breastfeeding Committee). Kim is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing degree, with a focus on nursing leadership.



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Leigh Baetz-Craft - Chair

Over her 28 year nursing career, Leigh has worked in roles such as lactation consultant, prenatal educator, clinical teacher and clinical nurse. She has been involved with MCNIG for the past 20 years and is happy to be working with this dynamic group in the Chair position for the next 2 years.

Leigh is currently working as a staff nurse in the Birthing Unit at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and as a Lactation Consultant at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She continues to be involved in project development and research in her workplaces. 






Clara Lee - Chair Elect

Clara Lee is a health promotion consultant in the Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program (HBHC) at Toronto Public health (TPH). She has a Master degree of Art in Adult Education and a Bachelor degree of Science in Nursing.For many years, Clara worked as a public health nurse in the maternal child health area and taught prenatal classes.

As a prenatal educator, She had also provided breastfeeding support to mothers at the TEGH breastfeeding clinic. Clara has extensive experience in collaborating with community partners and working with diversity, including new immigrants and ethno-racial populations.







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Maggie Hilton - Communications - on Mat Leave

Maggie is a recent graduate of the Conestoga McMaster RPN-BScN program in which she completed her first placement on the Childbirth floor at Guelph General Hospital. During School she worked as an RPN at Grand River Hospital as a postpartum RPN and continues to work at Grand River Hospital now as an Intrapartum RN.

Maggie passion for perinatal nursing is evident in her actions as part of the GRH education committee and her participation in RNAO's annual Day at Queens Park. Maggie formerly was the student representative on MCNIG and now is acting communications officer.





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Angela Lee - Associate Communications Officer

A recently graduated BScN student from McMaster-Conestoga program Angela Consolidated on the Child Birth Unit at Grand River Hospital.

Maternity was not her first interest but she realized during her placement that she is very passionate about the unit and hopes to become more involved now after graduation.






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Alison Fyck - Membership Officer

Alison Fyck is entering her fourth year in the BScN program at McMaster-Conestoga. Her maternity experience is primarily from a third year clinical placement on the maternal-child unit at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

She is very passionate about supporting women throughout the perinatal period. Alison is excited to work with MCNIG and to advocate for the health care needs of women and children. 






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Jessica Katz - Student Exec.

Jessica is in her final year of nursing in York University's second entry program and has been a MCNIG member since first year. The year Jessica started at York, the school eliminated their maternal-child clinical placement. In response, Jessica advocated to clinical course directors for shadowing experiences during medical-surgical and pediatrics rotations, successfully earning the opportunity for several students to observe in L&D, post-partum and NICU environments.

Jessica developed a special interest in high-risk obstetrics after observing emergency c-sections during her pediatrics placement.








Jessica Baillargeon - Policy and Political Action

Having always known nursing is the career for me, I entered the program directly from my secondary education, and have been in love ever since. In my second year, I discovered Maternal-Child Health nursing as my personal passion and have strived to dedicate my nursing career in that direction ever since.

Perinatal care has always been an interest of mine, and when I gave birth to my daughter in my third year of the program, I truly began to understand how powerful of an impact maternal-child nurses can have on the lives of women and families, and I knew I wanted to help make a difference.